Main Dish

You can’t have a meal without a main dish.  Ok, so what do you make?  What does the family like?  What do the kids like?  What does significant other like?  These are all great questions that only you know, but I bet there are lots of great recipes here that will be sure to make everyone happy.

One of our favorites and sure to be a hit with the kids is the Sloppy Joe Sour Cream Rice Bake.  So simple and fun and a unique way to have that wonderful Sloppy Joe without the mess.  Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan Soup is an instant hit with everybody.  We’ve made this so many times for friends and family and there is never any left.  Easy to make and tastes amazing!  The Hot Chicken Salad Sliders are so great because these can be for lunch, brunch, dinner, or even at a party or tailgate.  These sliders combine my favorite chicken salad with an unbelievable sweet and savory glaze.  All served on sweet Hawaiian roles.  Yes please!

St Louis Style Pizza

St Louis Style Pizza – easy no yeast pizza dough! Cracker crisp crust and an amazing cheese blend make this…