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Monday, March 24, 2014


and introducing...

Squeaky was a stray that found us on July 4, 2013. I was outside taking a picture of dinner, and I heard a squeaking sound. I looked up and saw a cat. At first I thought it was Fluffy, but it was a cat I had never seen. 

She was in really bad shape. She had matted fur and was starving. She ate 3 cans of food in minutes. She was so sweet. She let me pet her and brush some of the matted fur. 

For the last 7 months she has been living outside in the garage. She had a sweet set up. She had a bed, food, water and a personal heater. She loved it, but she really wanted to be inside. She would press her face into the door when I would be in the garage. It broke my heart.

We made the decision to bring her inside after Sherbert passed away. 
We took her to the vet. She didn't care for the vet visit. She bit one of the technicians. Oops!
After getting poked and prodded, she got a clean bill of health.
She got her wish - she got to come inside!

She is adjusting well to being inside. 
She is really sweet and a little feisty.
She is also super playful. 
She spent hours playing with a toy mouse and she loves the laser pointer.

It worked out nicely that she matches Fluffy. They could be twins! In fact, Jack can't tell them apart yet. He hisses at Fluffy. I have to tell him that he knows Fluffy and he is looking for Squeaky.

You can tell them apart by their mustache - Fluffy is all black and Squeaky is half orange and half black.

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  1. Great story....Welcome to Meow Mondays Squeaky!!!

  2. Great story....Welcome to Meow Mondays Squeaky!!!

  3. Congrats on the new addition to Meow Monday!

  4. Thank you for taking her in and letting her live in your garage until it was time for her to move into your home. She's beautiful, but I'm very partial to tortie kitties. There's nothing like the love of a tortie girl! Congratulations on your addition!

    1. Squeaky is super sweet. Starting to love torties.

  5. Steph, I am a horrible friend. I somehow missed that Sherbert passed away. I just went back to read of her passing. I am SO SORRY for your loss and even more sorry that I just now realized it. {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} to you and "chicken legs".
    I am so happy that Squeaky got a clean bill of health and is now one of the "insiders". She is lucky to have found y'all!!

  6. I missed the posting of the loss of Sherbert too. I'm sorry....Our 18 year old solid black kittie George died in February so I know how sad it can be when we lose them. On a bright note that Squeaky is a cutie! Welcome aboard!!!

  7. Congrats on your new indoor addition to the family!! How wonderful that she now has a full-time home - she is a real beauty!

  8. Fluffy and squeeky look like long lost cousins!

  9. Awe....Squeaky is adorable!! I hope Jack warms up to him soon :)

  10. So excited for you to be back to a 3-kitty household. The last two Meow Mondays seemed just a little sad. Orange cats are still my favorite, but I like Squeaky's orange and black mustache. Congratulations!

    1. Orange kitties are my favorite too. The balance of power is out of place in our kitty household. I am threatening to get an orange kitten to balance things out. Maybe next year.

  11. congrats!!! she is adorable so happy u added her to the family officially :):)

  12. I'm glad she's gotten her wish. The Torties do have a lot of personality.


  13. Love this and the name – welcome Squeaky!
    When we took our cat to the vet for a clean bill of health he needed a little extra TLC. We had to leave him over night. The vet called and said the Finn stood on his hind legs and peed AT (!!!!) the vet and assistant and started howling. Now the poor guy has warning labels on his chart like a little kittie terrorist.

  14. I'm just now discovering Squeaky. Gmail had opted to sort my email according to its assumptions and I hadn't seen your newsletter in quite a while. Once I realized what was up, I'm playing catch up. Squeaky certainly knew which house to choose! Welcome to the family, gorgeous!!