Meow Monday

Monday, February 11, 2019

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats to start your week! Come see what Jack, Squeaky and Nacho Man Kitty Savage have been up to this week! #cats

Happy Monday!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend! We didn't do much - just a little work and out to dinner at our favorite place. The cats took lots of naps and had some good play time! Keep reading to get all the details!

Squeaky has solidified her spot in the bed. She has been sleeping on me every single night. She is really happy with herself. She has still isn't a fan of the new den furniture. Right now it is fine since she spends most of her day sleeping in front of the heater.

She has started acting more and more like Fluffy. I even called her Fluffy this week! LOL!
I think she kind of looks like Fluffy in this picture. My little grumpy cat. She is happy - I promise!
She goes and sits in front of her food bowl and won't leave until you feed her. She is also getting SUPER picky about her food too! I hope this is just a phase!

 The old man has started sleeping in his canoe. He looks so cute!!!!
The canoe is from The Cat Ball - you can get it here:
We had it for a while and he just started sleeping in it.

Nacho Man Kitty Savage
Nacho Man is turning into the SWEETEST cat. 
He loves to sit with me in my office. He likes to sleep on my blanket. 
His favorite thing to do is knead the dough on the blanket - he gets all for legs going! He gets so relaxed that he starts drooling. LOL! I never had a drooler.
You can see videos of him kneading the dough on my InstaStories.

The Tumbleweeds
We affectionately call these two The Tumbleweeds.
They play fight all day long. It is hilarious. 
They tumble around wresting and hitting each other in the tents and beds.
I think it completely wears Jack out. He plays and then has to take a nap.
He does good for an old guy though!!! He gives all he has to Nacho Man.
Nacho Man is really sweet with him. He never hurts Jack.
I post videos of them on my InstaStories.

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  1. I love Meow Moday, your kittys are so cute!

  2. OMG - that pic of Jack in the canoe - i love him!

  3. I, too, love Meow Mondays!! I adore Ms.Squeaky she had such torteude!! The Tumbleweeds are a stitch!!