Meow Monday

Monday, April 15, 2019

Meow Monday

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Jack, Squeaky and Nacho Man Kitty Savage have been up to this week!
picture collage of 3 cats

Happy Monday! Not only is it Monday, but it is also TAX DAY. YUCK! Well, here are some pictures of the kitties to help brighten your day!

The cats had a great week. Lots of patio naps, sofa naps, and wrestling. The weather looks great for this upcoming week. I am sure the cats will be outside on the screened-in deck all week. The catnip is growing and the birds are chirping. It is a little kitty cat haven.

Keep reading to see what Jack, Squeaky and Nacho Man Kitty Savage have been up to.

cat sitting with flowers
Jack got some beautiful flowers this week. Well, the flowers were actually for me, but Jack LOVES flowers. He was dead asleep on the sofa when the flowers arrived. He jumped up and immediately went looking for them. He could smell them, but I had them on the kitchen counter. I put them on the floor for a minute so he could smell them and take a nibble. 

cat sleeping on a blanket
Little Squeak is doing her usual thing. Sleeping on the sofa, drinking water, begging for food, and sitting in the sunny spots around the house. She is still meowing at the top of her lungs when she jumps on the sofa. I guess that is her new thing. 

sleeping cat
Nacho Man Kitty Savage
Oh, my sweet little Nacho Man. He is definitely living his best life. He wakes up and goes and sits by the door to the screened porch. He spends most of the day and night outside. He does like to come in for some snuggles. This picture is him sitting on my lap for a quick nap. He gets so relaxed that he drools all over me. I'm just glad he is a happy boy. I can't believe we've had him for 10 months already! Time flies!

I hope these pictures brighten your Monday!
Have a PURRFECT week!

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  1. As I have told you before Jack and Squeaky are twins of my Rowdy and Fancy who are now playing in heaven. As I read your post each week I see so many similarities to them as they age like mine did. My Fancy (your Squeaky) began to meow a lot as she aged. Since Squeaky does it when she jumps I was wondering if your vet thinks she may have arthritis? I hope it is just an "older woman mannerism"! I know mine sure developed some senior citizen habits and ways about them as they aged.

  2. YES! Your pictures ALWAYS brighten my Mondays. Thank you!

  3. YES! Your photos ALWAYS brighten my Mondays. Thank you!

  4. Maybe Squeaky is just announcing "I am taking a nap now. Do not disturb me." And the fact that Nacho Man drools on you while he's sleeping just makes me laugh! Enjoy your Easter week sunshine!