Meow Monday

Monday, June 10, 2019

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats to start the week

collage of three cat pictures

We called this week Chaos in the Cat Castle. OMG! It has been crazy! Felix is adjusting well to his new furever home. Squeaky got a bath and got shaved, and Jack is a mess. Jack isn't too thrilled about Felix and doesn't know who Squeaky is either. Chaos!


Jack finally noticed Felix on Tuesday night. There was a little hissing and growling but nothing major. The next day both boys stayed under their respective beds. LOL!

They have been trying to work things out. They mostly look at each other at this point. They have been in the same room and on the patio at the same time, so I think they will eventually be fine.


No, that isn't a rat. It is Squeaky. She went for a bath on Thursday and Chicken Legs told them to shave all her matted fur too. We picked her up from the vet and they gave her a lion cut. She looked like Dobby from Harry Potter. OMG! I died!

Squeaky isn't too sure about his new hairstyle (me either). She was shivering when she was sitting on the sofa, so I bought her a sweater. It is a sock sweater, so little Dobby is free. LOL! I think she likes her sweater. She doesn't mess with it at all. I'll take it off when her fur starts coming back.

Squeaky doesn't acknowledge Felix. He saw her and hissed at her and she just walked past him without even looking at him. I honestly don't know if she knows Felix isn't Jack. 

Jack is petrified of Squeaky. He hisses and snorts at her every time he sees her. Felix can't figure out what Squeaky is - a cat, a rat? He has a puzzled look on his face every time he looks at her. 


This boy has had a BIG week. He met his grandparents. My parents came up to bring us Nacho Man Kitty Savage's ashes and meet the new grandcat. They loved him, of course.

Felix came down and explored on Monday for a bit. Tuesday night he slept in our bed. Just jumped up and made himself at home. He slept with us Wednesday night too.

He LOVES being on the screened patio. He also LOVES catnip. He eats some leaves off the plants every day. I've also given him lots of catnip toys and some loose catnip. He is so happy.

Felix had to go to the vet this week. His left eye was oozing goo. He got an antibiotic shot and some eye drops for his eye. He was a really good patient and is already MUCH better.

Felix still likes to go up to his room and relax. We are just letting him set the pace on everything. He is starting to come down more and more. We are hoping he will start sleeping downstairs in the main living area soon.

I have lots of InstaStories for Felix. You can see them all here:


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  1. Good luck to all you babies!!!

  2. We have to have memory of it cats shaved every couple years because of the matting and our other cat doesn't recognize her either. He hisses and runs and hides. The first time it took 4 days, the second it took 2 days and the third a little more than 1 day. It's funny.

  3. I too have a cat that is matted, but my vet told me to get a cat flea comb, it works really good, hope this helps.

  4. I love this week! Well, this past week for y'all. So funny. Looking forward to seeing how it all goes. 😄😄😻

  5. For your loss I'm glad to see the new edition I'm sure they will all get along just fine in a little bit of time

  6. For your loss I'm glad to see the new edition I'm sure they will all get along just fine in a little bit of time

  7. I hope everything settles down with the crew soon. So many changes! They'll be alright and they'll come to get used to each other. :)

  8. So many adjustments for everyone, but it's great timing for everyone, and maybe eases your heart a little to have to keep up with everything! Loving Squeaky's new do!