Meow Monday

Monday, January 6, 2020

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Felix, Mack, and Mango have been up to! #cats #kittens
two orange cats in a cat tower

Cat Photos to Make You Happy

Happy Meow Monday! I'm here to brighten your day with some photos of cute cats! I know it helps me! I hope it helps you get the week started on the right foot.

Christmas is over and the kitties couldn't be happier!
They spent all weekend on the porch.

Keep reading for more pictures and updates!

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Mango has us both wrapped her little paw.
She is so sweet!!! 
Mango is finally sleeping through the night - hallelujah!

These two are still as playful as ever!
This week they played in the tub before bed.

Mack is turning into a cat.
He is spending more and more time sleeping. 
He even curled up next to me in bed a few nights this week. I LOVE IT!

Grandpa Felix is doing great!
We took him to the vet this past week for a checkup.
He started peeing in the catnip on the patio. We wanted to make sure everything was OK.
All of his bloodwork is good. YAY!

We moved the catnip off of the screened porch to the other side of the deck.
None of the cats really enjoy it, so we will just keep it growing for later.

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  1. A cat lover has to be a great person! I have 5 fur babies - 2 are gingers. Cats are excellent companions. Three of mine sleep with me every nite. Love the recipes as well. Thanks so much from Canada