Meow Monday

Meow Monday

I can’t believe I am posting this. Squeaky passed away yesterday.
She really hasn’t been the same since Nacho Man Kitty Savage passed away last month.
She wasn’t eating as much, howling all day and night, and just acting off.
Yesterday she could barely walk. We knew it was time to let her go.

Squeaky was a stray that found us on July 4, 2013. I was outside taking a picture of dinner, and I heard a squeaking sound. I looked up and saw a cat. At first, I thought it was Fluffy, but it was a cat I had never seen. 
She was in really bad shape. She had matted fur and was starving. She ate 3 cans of food in minutes. She was so sweet. She let me pet her and brush some of the matted fur. We got her checked out at the vet and adopted her.
Squeaky LOVED to drink water. She had to have a fresh cup of water anytime I went back to our bedroom. If she didn’t see you fill up the cup and put it down, you had to do it again for her.
She also LOVED human food. You couldn’t eat without Squeaky climbing all over you trying to get a bite. She loved cereal milk (Cheerios &  Frosted Mini Wheats milk was her favorite), honey butter, and ice cream. She also loved a good chunk of rotisserie chicken. She could smell it when we walked in the house and it would drive her crazy!

 Squeaky loved our new house and all the sunshine. 
She would move around all day to sit in the sunny spot.
She didn’t care about the other cats.  
Her BFF was Chicken Legs. She LOVED him.
They were two peas in a pod. 
We were SO lucky that Squeaky chose us to be her cat parents.
We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter cat.
We are taking comfort in knowing that we gave Squeaky loving and safe home.
We always said she went from the outhouse to the penthouse.
We know that she lived her best life!
She will be in our hearts forever.

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  1. I know it is late. I remember when you found Squeaky. I am SO SO sorry. Love and comfort to your family.

  2. My deepest heartfelt condolences on the loss of your fur baby Squeaky. It's never easy to lose a fur baby no matter how long you've had them as part of your family. Sending love and hugs from TX ⚘❤????⚘

  3. Oh my gosh this was just so sad to read. My heart goes out to you as you've lost 2 furry family members so close together now. I know how much you loved Squeaky and of course all yours cats. Being a "cat person" myself I know how hard it is to lose them. I'm so happy that you gave Squeaky such a happy life and know that she was loved and cherished. I hope that someday you will find another sweet kitty that needs a forever home like Squeaky did. You have a lot of love in your heart for your kitties and God Bless you for that. Rest in Peace sweet Squeaky. You will be missed.

  4. Oh dear lord, I am so very sorry. I loved Squeaky cuz she seemed like such a typical tortie. You have had so much sorrow lately, I hope you both are doing okay. Much love to your boys.

  5. Oh Squeaky!! I'm so sorry you lost her shortly after losing Nacho Man. She had such a good life with you. Blessed little furbabies. They were both beautiful and you have wonderful memories of them.

  6. OMG. You have lost 2 of your fur babies. I am so very sorry. They find a place in your heart and when they're gone that place is empty.

  7. I just lost over the past month 3 of my furbabies. A ragdoll named Grrr and two black boy cats named Chevy and Dodge. My heart aches for them every day. We live out in the country with coyotes and bobcats,so we rarely are able to know exactly what happened. They were only a bit over a year old. I'm so sorry for your loss. We can take a little comfort in knowing we gave them the best we could and that they're waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Bless you my friend.

  8. Oh, I am so sorry!! I have a longhair tortoise shell just like her except Esme has even more fur!! She is 9 yrs old and in perfect health as far as I know. Squeaky was a beauty!!!!

  9. It has certainly been a rough month for you and your family. I am so very sorry that you've lost your beautiful Squeaky-girl. Rejoice in the memories and knowledge that she was loved, well cared for, and a treasured member of your family.

  10. I am so sorry to hear about this. From what we've seen on Meow Mondays you gave her the best life & so much love, & that's all that could be asked for. Lots of hugs & good thoughts to you guys!

  11. I am so sad to read of Squeaky's passing. She was such a beautiful kitty, especially those gorgeous eyes. Thank you for giving her a penthouse life. Sincerest sympathies to both you and to Chicken Legs.

  12. I am so sorry for your loss. This must be so difficult for you after just losing Nacho Baby. Squeaky was blessed to have picked you all for her "parents".

  13. I cannot believe this. I am so so sorry Stephanie. My heart and prayers go out to you all. This is so heartbreaking. I hope Jack and Felix know they have some extra loving to do! Ugh. I remember when squeaky and fluffy moved in. I didn't realize I had been following you that long ????. Such beautiful kitties.

  14. I'm so sad to hear this. Two sweet kitties in a month is almost too much to take. I know you will both miss her, but she had a wonderful life with you guys which is a happy thought in a sad time.

  15. I am so sorry about your beloved Squeaky. It is so difficult to lose an animal family member. Squeaky looked like my Lilly who found us in 2007…she was also a stray who found our house in the country. She became best friends with our dog Jack (although he might have another version of the story) and she learned to travel with us…she was a great trooper! Like Squeaky,Lilly will be in our hearts forever. She was blessed to have you and you she. Best wishes for your heart to heal.

  16. So sorry to hear this news! Thank you for giving her the penthouse life! She couldn't have asked for two better people to take care of her. My heart is saddened for you all and the losses you have experienced.

  17. Oh no! I was so sorry to read about Squeaky passing away! It's so difficult when a loved member of the family leaves us. Thank you for giving her a good home after the rough time she was having. I think God sends us gifts when we least expect them. And you wrote her such a sweet memorial. Bless you during this sad time.

  18. Oh no! So very sorry for your loss. Do you still have kitties? Will you still have Meow Monday???? ����

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