Meow Monday

Monday, January 14, 2019

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats to start off your week!

Good Morning!!! I hope everyone had a good weekend.
We are back with Meow Monday!! Keep reading to see what the cats have been up to.

Squeaky is still being a heat hog. 
It cooled off this week and she hasn't moved from in front of the heater.

Nacho Man Kitty Savage
Nacho Man is doing great! All of his nail covers have come off, and we don't have plans to get more.
He and Jack spend their days and nights tumbling around on the floor.
Chicken Legs has nicknamed them the "tumbleweeds". I post video of them on Instagram.

Nacho Man is also getting more and more comfortable being held. 
He likes to be cradled in your arms.
He especially loves it if you scratch his head while holding him.
He gets super relaxed and starts drooling. 

The J-Man has decided to take back his cat tower from Nacho Man.
This week he started sleeping up there again.
I think he likes in the corner where we moved it at Christmas.
We are impressed that the old man can still get up there. 
Sweet dreams!

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  1. Hi your stories about your kitties...i have 4 and they keep me busy...also love your down to earth good recipes...

  2. Just a note to tell you how much I like Meow Mondays!!! Thank you!

  3. Meow Mondays! How cute! This just showed up on my Google it!

  4. Look forward to Meow Monday.Great pictures.Thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Love meow Monday’s and your delicious recipes, too!!

  6. I own dogs, but I TRULY LOVE YOUR KITTIES. I really look forward to your MM email--it starts my week off the right way every time!

  7. Love Meow Mondays! This was my first Monday reading about your beautiful kitties And I look forward to more!!

  8. Meow Mondays is the best thing about Mondays! Keep them coming!

  9. What kind and size is the cat tower? My cat is not big but the one we have is too small for her.