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Good Morning! First of all, thank you for all of the kind comments and emails about Nacho Man Kitty Savage’s passing. I read every one and tried to reply to all of the emails. I really appreciate everyone reaching out. We are still in shock, but it is getting better every day.


Squeaky has started sleeping on the sofa. She usually sleeps on the arm of the sofa, but this past week she started sleeping on the blankets on the sofa. WEIRD! She has also been MEOWING a ton more. It is kind of annoying early in the morning. I’m going to have to talk to her about this! Hopefully, it is only temporary. Otherwise, she is her usual crazy self.


Jack is doing great. A few people asked if he was looking for Nacho Man Kitty Savage. He really hasn’t been looking for The Nacho Man. They were friendly but not bonded.

Jack has been spending a lot of time sleeping in the bed and outside under the catnip. We are having lots of cuddle sessions. He is his usual lazy self.


We didn’t intend to adopt another cat so quickly, but we couldn’t resist Felix. Felix was surrendered to Kitty Kat Haven & Rescue about a month ago. His owner was older and was moving up North to be closer to his children. He wasn’t able to take Felix with him. Felix was very sad at the Haven. He didn’t really eat or get up from his bed at the Haven. I read about Felix on Facebook and convinced Chicken Legs to go visit him.
We went to Kitty Kat Haven this past Saturday to visit Felix. As soon as Chicken Legs said his name, Felix jumped up and let Chicken Legs hold him. The ladies at the Haven had never seen Felix move! They almost cried. We spent some time with Felix and finalized the adoption. The volunteers at the Haven brought in a pet carrier and Felix walked right in and sat down. He was ready to come home with us!
We set Felix up in our guest room. He was purring and rubbing on our legs as we got everything set up. We fed him, and he ate two cans of food in the first hour he was home. I gave him some catnip toys and a cat tent. He LOVES everything! 
He is slowly exploring the house. He jumped up on the ledge in the upstairs loft area and walked around looking down at us in the den. Chicken Legs brought him downstairs to look around, but he scurried back up to his room. We are spending time with him in his room – petting and telling him what a good boy he is. 
Hopefully, he will get more comfortable with his surroundings this week. He has been through a lot lately, so we are letting him set the pace. He still needs to meet Jack! They have seen each other from afar, but they haven’t met up close and personal yet. 
Felix is about 10 years old. He is HUGE! We think he definitely has some Maine Coon in him. He has beautiful green eyes. He reminds me of my Marmalade. We are excited to give this old boy a new home and shower him with LOVE! 

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  1. I am so sorry yall lost Nacho Man. I cried when I read that. Bless your hearts for adopting Felix. He is beautiful! I have 2 kitties of my own and enjoy them so much.

  2. What a happy update! I'm so glad you decided to check Felix out and that he chose you and your family to call his own. He will be in very good hands. Thank you for considering an older kitty; shelter life is difficult on those more mature kitties. Can't wait to read more about his life in your house.

  3. Nacho Man Kitty Savage guided you to adopt Felix. He's in kitty heaven smiling, he knows you could never replace him, however you saw a kitty that was in need of a forever home. That's how it was for me when I adopted 3 cats last year 1 was after losing my 13 year old cat to diabetes related complications. I only intended to adopt 1 but took 2 home one day then the 3rd one shortly after Pandas passing. The one I adopted after Panda went to heaven reminds me a lot of her. You might see similarities in your new kitty, it will be Nacho Man Kitty Savages way of saying hello.

  4. Hello Felix! I am sure you were waiting for the right time to rescue this family. I am so sorry Nacho Man Kitty had to leave. I think he probably gave you that nudge to jump up and make that move to Chicken Legs and your fur-ever home. Welcome Home and God bless.

  5. Congratulations on getting Felix! He's big & gorgeous. I hope you all have many years of love & happiness together!

  6. Just wanted to add my condolences regarding Nacho Man's passing…just remember he had a wonderful life for the time he was with you. I'm so happy to hear about Felix! And glad you adopted a "senior" cat 🙂 I worked at an animal shelter for 17 years and, being a cat person, always tried to promote older cat adoptions. I love Meow Mondays…give your kids lots of hugs.

  7. I am sorry to hear about Nacho Man and happy the Felix rescued you 🙂 Our cats are our world too. We have a 14 yr old Maine Coon too. Her best friend passed last July. We have decided we will wait on getting another one until after she, Daizy is gone. Daizy is SO set in her ways, I would hate to mess her up…thx for sharing your babies with us & those recipes too 🙂

  8. Bless y'all for giving Felix a furever loving home. He knew a good thing when Chicken Legs came to see him.

  9. Welcome to your new home Felix, you have hit the jackpot. At first sight I thought he looked like a main coon. Beautiful boy, I know you are happy fur parents.

  10. I just read about your kitties for the first time. They are gorgeous! I am sorry I never got to meet Nacho Man, he sounds like he was very soecial♡ So sorry for your loss

  11. I'm so happy for Felix. He was meant to be with your family. He's gorgeous. When I saw his pic I thought "he's a Maine Coon!" I have one so I recognized it instantly. Sending kitty hugs.

  12. We had a blue point named Charlie, when he passed at 17 my husband and I didn’t think we would ever get over it, but now we have a seal point named George and like your Felix he gives us plenty of pleasure. I am sorry for your loss but, remember he will be waiting at the Rainbow bridge for you.

  13. Oh what a beautiful boy. I want an orange kitty also. I think it is so wonderful that you are giving this old boy a loving home. The older ones seem to get past over. Many years of happiness for you and your family with Felix.

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