Meow Monday – Year in Review

Meow Monday – pictures of cute cats to start off your week!

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats to start off your week!

Happy New Year’s Eve! I can’t believe it is the last day of 2018.
2108 was a year of highs and lows for Meow Monday. 
Milestone birthdays, adoptions and loss.

Jack turned 15!
We celebrated his big day in October with Oreos (he loves the filling) and Cheez-Its.
He is an old man, but he is still kicking it.
He is more active than ever – chasing Nacho Man all day.
I’m also trying to fatten him up with extra treats during the day.

We adopted Nacho Man Kitty Savage in June of this year. 
We got so lucky with Nacho Man. After an initial litter box issue, he has been perfect. 
He is SO sweet and loves his big brother Jack.
He loves to sit outside on the deck. He is very independent, but LOVES getting pets.
He is turning into a lap cat.
He isn’t big on being held, but hopefully over time I can give him so snuggles.

Squeaky is now the queen bee and gets the heater!

She has never been the alpha female, and she is loving it!

She bosses Jack & Nacho Man around.

Nacho Man tries to play with her, but she is having NONE of it.

She hisses and shuts Nacho Man down.

We lost our beloved Fluffy in 2018.
We missed her dearly during the holidays. 
She loved the heater and sitting under the tree.
She had an AMAZING life! We rescued her as a stray and treated her like the queen she demanded.
Here is the link to read all about her life:…meow-monday-fluffy.html

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Meow Monday – pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Mack & Mango have been up…

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Meow Monday – pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Mack & Mango have been up…


  1. I love your kitties! I mentioned awhile back that I lost my Teddy in July. He was 19. I still miss him. I love your posts on your sweet cats.

  2. I'm looking for a tuxedo (black and whitewhite) older cat. Not to old but at least potty trained. I could use some help finding my perfect cat to love, cuddle and love ????.

  3. I love the photo of Jack in his birthday hat! Jack is secretly my favorite…Shhhh. We won't forget that cutie pie Fluffy though!

  4. I love the story about your lovely Fluffy. I too have a cat named Jack. I call him Jackie. He is 16 & will be 17 this spring! I love him dearly. I tell him every night that it's bedtime with mama & he gets in bed with me on my tummy facing me & purrs. Then he indicates hes ready to slide down to my left side on his butt leaning against me with my arm around him where he stays for long time until he's ready to lay beside me. Hes a doll. He lays in my left arm like a baby does with a bottle. Hes been doing these things since he was a kitten. He showed up as a stray with one eye, broken off teeth & a kitty cold. I got him well & hes been an angel forever grateful all his life! I too lost a precious siamese last May named Cody. May he rest in peace as he passed from a urinary tract infection. Yes. So if your cat starts to use/wet outside the litter box then don't punish your cat. Always look for blood. They do it cause they associate the pain of going to the bathroom with the litter box, so they go elsewhere. Get them to the vet! It can kill your cat. If I hadn't taken him to the vet I would have woke up to a dead pet. So PLEASE take them to the vet. Canned food will hydrate them & keep their urinary tract clear to help prevent urinary tract infections. I hope as a loving cat owner that I've helped here anyone that needs it. Thank you so much for your blog!

  5. I 2 wonderful kitties my black and white cat I got her at a week old I had to put her to sleep about 3 years ago she was 26 my other cat I got when she was 5 months I just put her to sleep around 5 weeks ago she was 27 that just tears your heart up they was my pride and joy and my companionship tootsie always slept on my arm I covered her up they both was my snuggle buddies I miss they always

  6. I lost my Tabby Abby in August she was 5.of course she was a Tabby cat and lost my Puff Cat in Sept. She was solid black Persian and she was 19.

  7. I’m so happy to see these updates of kitties who’ve been adopted into loving homes. My wife and I love cats and adopted 3. 1 was a solid black kitten and the other 2 were adults. They each are special in their own way. All 3 can sense our mood. When my father passed away in 2014 I came home and was upset. I went into the bedroom closed the door and laid down crying. My wife and son were in the next room. A few minutes later I heard scratching at the door and soft meowing so I got up and cracked the door open then laid back down. Less than 20 seconds later all 3 of my furry family members hopped up on the bed and were head bunting me, licking me all over my face and purring like a motorboat!! It was quite obvious that they were trying to make me feel better….. and it worked. Yes I was still upset but as I was petting and scratching them I could feel myself calm down and able to regain my composure. I was never a cat person when I was growing up but my wife was and still is. Because of her I gave in but because of my kitties I caved in. Cats truly are amazing and special little creatures.

    1. My heart breaks for all of u that lost your fur babies. Over the course of a year we lost four of ours. Two to cancer, one to thyroid disease and the other to dimensia. It nearly broke us looking that many at once but some how each of our babies knew we needed more fur babies to luv and sent us seven new babies. Five were ferrals, one we re-homed, and all the others we have kept. One of the females went to my son and the other female was a Hemingway who ended up having three amazing boys! We now have nine awesome kitties!

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