Alabama BBQ {Roadtrip}

Alabama BBQ {Roadtrip} 

Alabama BBQ {Roadtrip} – 4 of Alabama’s best BBQ joints – Byron’s Smokehouse, Archibald’s BBQ, Melvin’s Place of Barbecue and Saw’s BBQ – 4 hidden gems that you must visit on your next trip to Alabama. Make sure to wear your stretchy pants – you’re gonna need them!
Alabama BBQ {Roadtrip} - 4 of Alabama's best BBQ joints - Byron's Smokehouse, Archibald's BBQ, Melvin's Place of Barbecue and Saw's BBQ - 4 hidden gems that you must visit on your next trip to Alabama. Make sure to wear your stretchy pants - you're gonna need them!
Did you know that 2015 is the Year of BBQ in the State of Alabama? Well, it is! 
What a WONDERFUL year!
Whenever we travel, people always ask what kind of food Alabama is known for. We always answer “BBQ”. In case you don’t know, BBQ in The South is a noun, not a verb. We don’t “BBQ” in The South, we “grill out” and eat BBQ. 

Today I’m going to tell you about 4 great places to get BBQ in Alabama. I’m not going to tell you about the one’s everybody already talks about or any chain BBQ joints. I’m going to talk about some hidden gems in the state. The places you must check out on your next trip to Alabama. 
Make sure to wear your stretchy pants, you’re gonna need them!!

Byron’s Smokehouse
Byron's Smokehouse - Auburn, AL
Byron’s Smokehouse
436 Opelika Road
Auburn, AL 36830

Pork Plate, Brunswick Stew and Pecan Pie from Byron's Smokehouse - Auburn, Alabama
Byron’s BBQ is my favorite place for BBQ in Auburn. 
It was opened in 1989 by Glen Gulledge.
Byron’s is the place to see anyone who is anybody in Auburn.
You are likely to run into Gus Malzahn, Bruce Pearl, Jason Dufner and the ESPN crew when they are in town for a football game. 

Chipped Pork Plate with 2 sides and cornbread from Byron's Smokehouse in Auburn, Alabama
I love Byron’s chipped pork with hot BBQ Sauce. 
It is so dang good!!
You can get the pork chipped or sliced. They also chicken, sausage and ribs (Thursday, Friday & Saturday).

Baked Beans, Slaw, Cornbread and Brunswick Stew from Byron's Smokehouse in Auburn, Alabama
Byron’s has some delicious sides to choose from.
My all-time favorite is the Brunswick Stew. I could just get a large bowl and that and a corn muffin and be happy, happy, happy.

Pecan Pie from Byron's Smokehouse in Auburn, Alabama
Chicken Legs always has to get a slice (or two) of the pecan pie. 
Byron’s also serves a great breakfast.
My parents eat breakfast at Byron’s all the time. 
One of their favorites is the smoked sausage biscuit.
I highly recommend Byron’s. 
My trips to Auburn aren’t complete until I eat at Byron’s.
Archibald’s Bar-B-Que
Archibald's BBQ in Northport, Alabama
Archibald’s Bar-B-Q
1211 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Northport, AL

BBQ Pit at Archibald's BBQ in Northport, Alabama
Archibald’s was started in 1961 by George Archibald, Sr and his wife. They started selling BBQ in this building behind their house. Today Archibald’s is run by Tray Archibald (George’s grandson). 
They cook the pork and ribs hot and fast over a bed of hickory. 
Large Mixed Grill Plate at Archibald's BBQ in Northport, Alabama
We split the Large Mixed Plate.
It came with 2 sides – beans and slaw.
We also opted to get a small banana pudding.
Archibald’s offers iced tea, Pepsi cans and bottled water to drink.
Pulled Pork at Archibald's BBQ in Northport, Alabama
The pulled pork was so good! Tender and juicy.
The pork is served on top of plain white bread.
They pour a thin spicy orange BBQ sauce over the pork, the bread gets soaked in it.
That was the best part!
Famous Ribs at Archibald's BBQ in Northport, Alabama
Archibald’s is famous for their ribs. We can see why. They area great.
They come stacked on top of white bread and a little sauce poured over them as well.
Bring some dental floss! You are going to need it.
Archibald’s has very limited seating inside.
There are 5 stools in the pit area and 3 tables in the enclosed patio. 
We sat in the enclosed patio because it had air conditioning! 
There are also lots of picnic tables outside for people to eat on the property.
Archibald’s is a must when road tripping through Alabama.
It is a real hidden treasure!

Melvin’s Place of Barbecue
Melvin’s Place of BBQ
2315 Hall Ave NW
Huntsville, AL 35805

 Melvin’s is located across from the Glenwood Cemetery in Huntsville, AL.
It is in an unmarked red and white building. 
They only way you know you are at the right spot is by smell! 
Oh, and the big bbq pit outside.
Melvin told us that he used to build race cars out of the building.
There is R&B music on the weekends.
One note – he only takes cash!
We met Chicken Legs’ parents for lunch on our way up to Nashville.
Melvin prepared us all a mixed BBQ box.
Ribs, Pork and Chicken
I couldn’t pick a favorite. It was all AMAZING!
The ribs were falling off the bone – just the way we like them!
There was BBQ sauce on the table. It was sweet with a little heat.
The box came with two sides – baked beans and “the best” potato salad according to Melvin.
He also brought us out some of his slaw. It comes in three varieties – regular, hot and hotter!
The hot slaw reminded us of chow chow.

To finish our meal, Melvin brought out some homemade lemon cake.
It was super delicious!
Dessert varies from day to day. Some days he has cake and other days he makes fried pies.
Must go back to get some fried pies!

This place is the definition of hidden treasure.
You MUST go!

Saw’s BBQ
Saw's BBQ in Homewood, Alabama
Saw’s BBQ
1008 Oxmoor Road
Homewood AL 35209 

Saw's BBQ in Homewood, Alabama
The decor is very Southern BBQ joint.  It has license plates, street signs, old cola/food signs and lots of football stuff on the walls.  I loved that the sauces and salt & pepper were in old 6-pack containers. 

Pulled Pork Sandwich at Saw's BBQ in Homewood, Alabama
I ordered the pulled pork sandwich and Chicken Legs got the pulled chicken sandwich.  
I’ve never had a pulled pork sandwich quite like this one.  
I could hear angels singing when I took that first bite. šŸ˜‰
It was seriously the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten.
You can tell the meat was fresh and they pulled it when you ordered the sandwich.  
It was so juicy and flavorful.  
Smoked Chicken Sandwich with White Sauce at Saw's BBQ in Homewood, Alabama
 The chicken sandwich was also the best we have ever had at a BBQ joint.
It was extremely tender and juicy; not dry like some chicken at other BBQ joints.  
The white sauce was ridiculous.  I could just drink it!
Mac and Cheese at Saw's BBQ in Homewood, Alabama
The mac & cheese had SO much cheese; you couldn’t take a bite with getting a ton of good stringy cheddar cheese.  

Baked Beans at Saw's BBQ in Homewood, Alabama
The baked beans were tasty as well.  
They were very mild and good bbq flavor to them.  I could have eaten a ton of them.  
The key is to eating at Saw’s is to get there early.  There aren’t a lot of seats and this place gets busy.  We arrived at 11:30 for lunch and we were one of the first people there.  By the time we left the line was out the door.
Saw’s BBQ isn’t fancy, but it sure is something special.
It is a MUST if you are in the Birmingham area.
Saw’s has two sister locations – Saw’s Juke Joint and Saw’s Soul Kitchen. 
They aren’t exclusively BBQ joints; they serve the BBQ in addition to other food. 
We love to go to Saw’s Juke Joint in Mountain Brook. 
It stays open late and has live music.
Smoked Wings at Saw's Juke Joint in Mountain Brook. Alabama
If you do venture over to Saw’s Juke Joint, make sure to get the wings.
They are seriously THE BEST EVER!
Saw’s Juke Joint
1115 Dunston Ave
Birmingham, AL 35213
What is your favorite BBQ joint in Alabama?

Where should we try next?

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