Post Office Pies – Birmingham, AL

Post Office Pies - Birmingham, AL
Chicken Legs and I don’t have to travel very far to indulge in one of the best pizza’s is the country. 

Post Office Pies is located in the Avondale neighborhood in Birmingham and was recently named one of the 33 Best Pizza Shops in America by 

Pizza is my absolute favorite food, so this excites me to no end!

Post Office Pies - Birmingham, AL
The pizzeria is located in the old Avondale Post Office.
It is sandwiched between Saw’s Soul Kitchen and Avondale Brewery.
Post Office Pies - Birmingham, AL
Post Office Pies has a fabulous caesar salad.

Post Office Pies - Birmingham, AL
The meatballs – oh, the meatballs.
I could make a meal out of these things!
SUPER delicious.

Post Office Pies - Birmingham, AL
The garlic bread is super cheesy and garlicky. 
It is served with a side of sauce.
Really good. 
Some days they have cheesy pepperoni bread. I am hoping to try it on our next trip.

Post Office Pies - Birmingham, AL
Post Office Pies - Birmingham, AL
You order your pizza at the register when you walk inside.
They give you a number and the pizza is brought to your table when it is ready.
They serve beer, beer cocktails and soft drinks/tea.
They take credit cards, so no need to worry about having cash.

Post Office Pies - Birmingham, AL
Chicken Pesto Pizza – roasted chicken, pesto base, pecorino, mozzarella

The pizzas at Post Office Pies are baked in custom built brick wood-burning ovens.

Post Office Pies - Birmingham, AL
The Swine Pie – tomato sauce, house-made pork sausage, pepperoni and bacon.
I read that they owners took 6 months to develop the crust so it was really light and airy.

Post Office Pies - Birmingham, AL
My personal favorite is the Swine Pie. It is SO delicious. 
I love the pepperoni, homemade sausage and bacon. The bacon is really good and smoky.
The pizza at Post Office Pies is sauce, toppings and cheese.
I typically prefer sauce, cheese, toppings, but I really, really love the pizza at Post Office Pies.
It is one of the best I’ve ever had.
Now I want a slice!

Post Office Pies
209 41st Street South
Birmingham, AL 35222

Phone 205.599.9900

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  2. Have you had the corn salad with tomatoes and basil? I suppose that is a summer offering. It is DELICIOUS! I can't wait to go when it warms up and sit outside at Avondale, fun summer evening!

  3. My best friend lives in B'ham and we went here over the summer. We had The Swine and fell in love! It was the highlight of my trip!

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