Scrambled Egg Salad


Chicken Legs’ loves egg salad sandwiches.  They are his all-time favorite.  He would eat them every day if he could.  I decided to try a new version of egg salad last weekend – Scrambled Egg Salad.  Instead of hard boiling the eggs, I scrambled the eggs.  It was so quick and much easier than boiling and peeling eggs.  It only took about 5 minutes to throw this together.  The best part, the egg salad tasted great.  Next time to you have a hankering for an egg salad sandwich, try this version.  Quick and delicious!

Scrambled Egg Salad
(Printable Recipe)

6 eggs

3 Tbsp mayonnaise (or more to taste)
1 Tbsp dijon mustard
1 tsp vinegar
1 Tbsp sweet relish
1 stalk celery, chopped

Whisk eggs, salt and pepper.  Scramble eggs over medium-high heat in skillet.  Chop cooked eggs into small pieces.

Place chopped eggs in medium bowl.  Stir in mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, relish and celery.  

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  1. Just made this today – SO GOOD!! Next time I want Egg Salad, I know it's not far away. 🙂
    ~Stacy @ Stacy Makes Cents

  2. I do not like plain eggs for some crazy reason ! But this recipe looks and sounds wonderful . I am going to give it a try . My Grandma cooked eggs with poke salad when I was young and I loved them ! I am too lazy to go on a hike to pick wild Poke Salad , so I use spinach in my breakfast eggs . Sooo good !

  3. Thanks for the, "Now why didn't I think of that?" moment! I'm totally addicted to this version of egg salad – I've had it for dinner one night this week, and it's been my lunch for 2 days in a row! Great idea!!!

  4. How brilliant is that! Egg salad is what I would order for my last meal and this is a quick fix. (Just in case I don't get a lot of warning on the last meal thing. lol)

  5. Made for dinner tonight and I too will never boil the eggs again for egg salad sandwiches, this was so much easier. I added a pinch of cayenne. I didn't have any celery so used green onion.

  6. Great minds must travel the same paths. I did the same thing last week and you cannot tell whether the eggs were boiled in the shell or scrambled. So much quicker and easier. I wont ever boil eggs for egg salad again!

  7. I've always thought I hated egg salad but maybe it's more about the fact that I hate hard boiled eggs. I think I would really like this version!

    1. This way there are no chunks of egg whites. It's all mixed together. The egg white are what I don't like about HB egg salad. I like to do mine with grated cheese added to the scramble mixture. Adds another dimension of flavour!!

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