Travel Essentials – 16 Must Have Items for Your Next Trip

Travel Essentials – 16 Must Have Items for Your Next Trip

Travel Essentials – items you must have for your next trip in the USA or Europe and the UK. Power chargers, hair dryers, wet wipes, the best handbag, camera, phone accessories, headphones – all of the things I never travel without!
Travel Essentials - 16 must have items for your next trip in the USA or Europe and the UK. Power chargers, hair dryers, wet wipes, the best handbag, camera, phone accessories, headphones - all of the things I never travel without!
I’ve been traveling a ton lately. I am gone basically the whole month of September. It’s been a while since I shared my must have travel essentials. I’ve found some new items that I can’t live without and wanted to share them with you! I own each and every item and highly recommend them! I’m sharing items that are for the USA, Europe and the UK. Most of the items can be used everywhere (like my camera), and I also included the adapters that I use in Europe and the UK.
Check out my list and let me know if you have any suggestions! I am always looking for new things to make traveling easier!!!

Your travel life will never be the same once you start using these packing cubes.
Your suitcase will be SO organized!
No more searching for your underwear and socks deep down in your suitcase.
Just unzip your packing cube and everything is right where you need it.
This pack has 4 sizes (XL, L, M, S) and a dirty laundry pouch.
I never travel without these things! I absolutely LOVE them.
They come in a variety of colors and are inexpensive.
I’ve given them to everyone in my family and they all LOVE them!!!

I LOVE this Bestek travel USB wall charger.
Like the Anker, it has 4 ports to charge all of my gadgets.
This Bestek charger also comes with adapters for Europe and the UK.
I has an extension cord too.
This is great if you travel in the US and abroad!


 I never travel without this bag.
It is AWESOME! It holds a tons and is super secure.
It has locks on all the zippers.
The straps are cut-proof.
It even has RFID blockers! I’ve had this for years and it has held up great!
I absolutely LOVE this bag!
I have the black bag, but they have other colors.
You get 4 lenses – Fisheye, Wide-Angle, 10x Macro, 15x Macro
Clips on and off iPhone in seconds
Works on both front and rear-facing cameras
GREAT for for selfies!! The wide-angle lens fits everyone in the frame!
I don’t know about you, but I am always losing my phone cords.
Stock up on these AmazonBasic cables. They work great and are inexpensive!
This is another item that I never travel without.
This external battery will charge your iPhone 6 times!!
It fits easily into your purse or back pocket.
There is nothing worse than a dead phone! This Anker makes sure you never have a dead phone!
Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones
I finally broke down and bought these Bose noise cancelling earbuds.
They are AMAZING!!!
Once you turn on the noise cancelling feature, you can’t hear anything.
They are fantastic on the plane! You can’t hear all that noise, just your music or movie.
I can not travel without these now!
This is my travel camera.
 I take it on every single trip and to restaurants when we go out to eat.
I never ever take my DSLR camera on trips.
It takes incredible photos! You can see them here:
It also fits in my pocket!!!
You can shoot in full manual mode, aperture priority, shutter priority or use one of the scenes.
Now, this is expensive. It is definitely a splurge item.
That being said, I can not recommend this camera enough.
It is worth every single penny!
I use this to store my passport when I travel.
It was inexpensive and has RFID blocking.
You can also use it as a wallet.
It might sound strange to give someone Wet Ones, but I never ever travel without them.
I wipe down the airplane arm rests, seat belts and that tray!!!
I also wipe down the light switches, door handles and the remote in hotel room.
SO many germs!!
I like these singles so they fit in my pocket or purse.
You will need plug adapters for your electronics in Europe.
These adapters have two plugs in them – one on front and one on top.
These really came in handy on the cruise ship. We only had two outlets in our room!
Just make sure your electronics are dual voltage so they don’t short out.
You will need some Type G travel plug adapters if you are traveling to the UK or Hong Kong.
These adapters have two plugs for you to plug in your electronics.
I found this awesome charger. It charges my MacBook and my iPhone at the same time.
It has all the plug adapters included. You can take it anywhere!
It also charges my Anker!
It will charge any electronic that charges with a USB.


My regular hair dryer wasn’t dual voltage.
I bought this hair dryer and it worked great.
You will need the plug adapters above to make it work in Europe and England.
I bought this backpack earlier this year and I LOVE it!
It is HUGE, but it fits under the airline seat!
It holds a TON! You could easily pack for a long weekend in this backpack.
If you are a light packer, you could get a weeks worth of stuff in here.
It has tons of compartments.
It also has a space for your laptop and iPad.
It is really the ultimate carry-on bag!

I always take snacks when I travel. I am in LOVE with these Kind Bar Minis!!
They fit in my purse or pocket. Great for when you need a quick snack on the go!


Do you have any travel essentials that I need to know about?
I am always looking for ways to make traveling easier!

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