Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Beef Enchilada Mac & Cheese

I adapted this recipe from my Chicken Verde Mac and Cheese I made a few months ago. I used red enchilada sauce and beef in place of the salsa verde and chicken. We both gave this version two thumbs up! 

This is super simple to make. You can save a few minutes by cooking the hamburger meat ahead of time and freezing or refrigerating until you are ready to use it. This is basically ready in the time it tastes to boil the pasta. The sauce simmers while the pasta boil and then you just toss it together. We topped the pasta with some tomatoes and green onions. It will definitely be making another appearance at the dinner table soon!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

3-Ingredient Italian BBQ Chicken

I know most people think you have to put up the grill after Labor Day, but that is not the case! We actually grill a lot during the Fall. The weather starts to cool off and we can finally sit outside and enjoy ourselves. It is WAY too hot during the summer months to sit outside! At least it is too hot in Alabama to sit outside during the summer.

This recipe couldn't be any easier. It only has three ingredients! BBQ sauce, Italian dressing, and chicken.  I've made this recipe several times, with several different brands of BBQ sauce. I found that this recipe works best with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. It is has the perfect consistency and a nice sweet flavor. I used Original Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, but they have tons of great flavors to choose from. They have a new Cola BBQ sauce and Hawaiian BBQ sauce that I want to try in this recipe. That would really change the flavor without complicating the recipe! I love that!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Meow Monday




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Saturday, September 27, 2014


Amanda and I flew from Gothenburg, Sweden to Amsterdam. My luggage flew to Istanbul. 
I was super disappointed when my bag didn't make it to Amsterdam.
I didn't let that ruin our trip! I filed a report with the airline and crossed my fingers!

We hit the ground running in Amsterdam.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Cheddar Bay Sausage Balls {Football Friday}

This recipe combines two of my favorite foods - Cheddar Bay Biscuits and Sausage Balls! These sausage balls are highly addictive! I could not stop eating them. I loved the garlic flavor. I used a bag of Bisquick Garlic Biscuit mix for the Cheddar Bay part of the sausage balls. It worked great! I found the biscuit mix on the baking isle at the grocery store. 

I'm going to give you my secret for making sausage balls, use your stand mixer with the dough hook. It mixes everything quickly and easily. It also keeps your hands clean! These sausage balls can be made ahead of time and frozen. I always have a bag in the freezer for a quick snack. I bake them frozen. I just add a couple of minutes to the cooking time so they can thaw in the oven. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bourbon & Coke Steaks

Football season is my favorite time of year! I absolutely love watching college football, tailgating and hanging out with friends. One of our favorite football activities is grilling out. I know a lot of people put up their grills after the summer, but we are just getting starting with our grilling season! If we are watching games at home, we fire up the grill during half-time. Chicken Legs mans the grill, and I take care of the sides. The timing is perfect. We can have dinner ready in time for the start of the second half. BOOM!

When Walmart and Kingsford reached out about doing a grilling/tailgating post, I knew exactly what I wanted to make. Bourbon and Coke marinated steaks. 

You see, Bourbon and Coke is our official drink for college football season. Whenever I smell it, I am transported back to the student section at Auburn. I remember the guys sneaking in baggies of whiskey and using the shakers to stir up the drinks. Bourbon and Coke = Football.

I decided to take our favorite drink and marinate some steaks in it. The steaks were delicious! Sweet with a dash of heat. This was our first time trying Walmart steaks, and they were really good! We bought USDA Choice NY Strips. The marinate worked great with them!

I used Maker's Mark for the bourbon, but you could also use some of the Jack Daniel's Honey Whiskey for a little extra sweetness. If you don't keep bourbon in the house, you can use 2 miniatures in this recipe. 

Don't miss our grilling tutorial.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cake Mix Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

I have a serious weakness for anything peanut butter and chocolate. I also happen to love brownies. SO, these Cake Mix Peanut Butter Cup Brownies didn't last long at our house. I absolutely loved them! I also loved how easy they were to make! It took less than 5 minutes and the brownie batter was ready to go into the oven. The hardest part was waiting on the brownies to cool so I could eat them!

I used Duncan Hines Devil's Food Cake Mix and Trader Joe's mini peanut butter cups for these brownies. If you don't have access to Trader Joe's, use Reese's mini peanut butter cups. I just happened to have some Trader Joe's mini peanut butter cups in the pantry. I always stock up when I am near a Trader Joe's.

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