Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is my absolute favorite.  I have put together numerous grilled chicken recipes over the years that I believe are truly fantastic.  I hope you do as well.  Here are just a few of the many that we love and make all the time.  Enjoy!

The name says everything you need to know with the first one I want to share, the Best Grilled BBQ Chicken.  The name is fitting.  It’s so good, and so easy to prepare.  It’s great as leftovers cold on top of a salad.  If you want an AWESOME chicken burger, try the Buffalo Chicken Burgers.  Fun recipe that the whole family will love and goes great at a party or Saturday fun day with friends.  How about a fun recipe for Margarita Grilled Chicken.  This is great as a main dish or to slice up with grilled onions and peppers for some at home fajitas.  Lastly, try the Smokehouse Chicken.  This is crazy good with yummy grilled chicken topped with cheese and your choice of bacon.  OMG!

Carolina Chicken

Carolina BBQ Chicken Recipe – sweet and tangy grilled chicken! Only 6 ingredients in the marinade – apple cider vinegar,…