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Recipes Made with Eggs

15 Easy Recipes Made with Eggs. Simple recipes to use all those eggs that are in the refrigerator. Casseroles, quiche,…


  1. Would love to have a SC flag (palmetto and crescent moon) themed coffee mug or a Clemson Tigers tumbler set. 🙂 Oh, how fun these are!

  2. WOW!! I wish I had the talent that she has in her little fingernail!!
    These glasses are super. As much as I would love to have an elephant glass…I would have to ask her to design a set of University of Missouri glasses for my brother and his wife. They are always on the lookout for unique MIZZOU stuff! And thanks!

  3. I absolutely love the rustic farm design she has. Would love a set of wineglasses that featured that during all the seasons! 🙂 What a talented lady!

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